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om2 Duplex in Wang Man's blog


OM2 Duplex use of more cost-effective light emitting diodes

In addition, ISO/IEC 24702 (Generic cabling for industrial premises) specifies OS2. The international standards call these “OF types”. In Europe and the UK,BS EN 50173-1:2007 contains all five and calls them “Optical fibre cable Categories”. Whilst there is no difference in the actual specifications as shown in Tables 1 and 2 below, it is important to clarify the...


with OM2 Duplex 1Gbit/s systems.Suitable for simple

OM2 patch cords are terminated with standard connectors giving optimum optical performance.FiberFab Multimode Patch Cords are used to connect high speed and legacy networks like Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Ethernet. Multimode patch cords conform to IEC, EIA TIA and Telcordia standards. OM2 patch cords are terminated with standard FiberFab connectors giving optimum...


OM1 Duplex snug fit with incredibly low db loss

Each cable has strain relief boots to prolong and maintain performance levels of the assembly, transmit and receive 'legs' of each OM1 Duplex cable are identified by means of ring type cable marker fixed to each end the assembly. A short distance from these identification rings heat shrink is applied to maintain an easy to manage bonded two fibre cable, finally a label...