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Sfp Cable in Wang Man's blog


SFP+ Transceivers with challenging thermal environments

Myricom has qualified the transceivers from each source for performance and reliability. Some of the  SFP+ Transceivers supplied by Myricom have Myricom labeling, as shown, and some have the manufacturers standard labeling.The 10GBase-SR transceivers operate at an 850nm optical wavelength, and are designed for 50?m (50/125) multimode fiber at distances of 26-82m...


SFP+ Passive DAC solutions and up to 7m

While data center administrators have a number of 10GE interfaces to choose from, including 10GBASE-CX4, SFP+ Fiber, SFP+ Passive DAC, and 10GBASE-T, it is the current generation of 10GBASE-T technology that is driving mass adoption of 10GE. This multi-part article analyzes the key differences between 10GBASE-T and other 10GE physical layer technologies, and the impact of...